Values & Vision


At New Horizons, our Knowledge Led Curriculum is designed to anbale our chidlren to achieve their dreams by developing these key values.

DILIGENCE: I always work hard.

RESILIENCE: I stay positive when things get tough.

ENTHUSIASM: I am interested in all I do.

ASPIRATION: I want to be the best I can be.

MOTIVATION: I stay focused on my goals.

SELF-BELIEF: I believe in myself.

Not only does our curriculum enable our children to demonstrate these qualities in lessons but, more than that, we believe that these values form the basis of our wider-school ethos.  We develop children who are able to meet the challenges of all aspects of primary school life and who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities they will need for the next steps of their academic journey.



At New Horizons, everyone feels safe, included and valued.  Everyone believes in themselves, creating relationships that develop them personally, socially and emotionally.  Everyone makes progress and feels that learning and school are fun.

Relationships are based on honesty, trust and respect.  We value each other as individuals. Everyone is optimistic and proud of their achievements and those of others, in all aspects of school life.  There is a strong sense of belonging and identity in the trust, school and wider comunity.

Children and adults take advantage of all possibilities for learning.  Essential life skills are developed through first-hand experience to enable then to become lifelong learners.  Learning meets everyone's needs for the future and enables them to become successful, happy and contributing members of society.